All You Need to Know About the Nose and Rhinoplasty

Bloomfield Hills, MI– Now the third-most popular plastic surgery, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) is meant to add aestheticism and function to an otherwise imperfect nose.

Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali explains, “the focal point of our faces is our nose. It gives us symmetry and is a distinguishing characteristic. However, for those dissatisfied with their noses, there are several plastic surgery options available.”

For people new to the field of rhinoplasty, here are some basic structures of the nose that are most often modified:

  • The bridge: This part of the nose, where glasses sit, can be altered or reshaped to remove any bumps or abnormalities.
  • The tip: The angle and shape of the tip can both be modified to best suit the patient’s goals.
  • The ala and vestibule: The overall size of the nostrils (nares) can be altered by adding or subtracting from the ala and vestibule externally and internally.
  • The overall size or shape: Many people are more concerned with the size or shape of their nose than the particulars listed above, and just want an overall change.

“Regardless of the type of surgical rhinoplasty you’re considering,” cautions Dr. Ali, “it’s critical to consult with your plastic surgeon beforehand to outline your precise goals. Bringing in photos of the type of nose you’d like is helpful, as is a detailed description.”

After deciding on the ideal outcome, each patient should talk to his or her surgeon to decide which type of rhinoplasty is better: open or closed.

Open Rhinoplasty

This technique involves an incision on the external space between the nostrils, an area also referred to as the columella. This incision can let the doctor see the overall internal nasal structure. The patient’s own tissue will be used in this procedure for skin grafting. The surgeon will place sutures carefully after reconstructing the nose, allowing for optimal results. Afterwards, the nose will appear a more balanced facial feature and can grow naturally, using the patient’s tissue as a scaffold.

“The major benefit of open rhinoplasty,” notes Dr. Ali, “is that it’s a small incision that can yield profound benefits.” Since the surgeon can see the entire nasal structure during this procedure, the outcome will likely be closely aligned to the patient’s goals.

Closed Rhinoplasty

This form of rhinoplasty is performed through incisions inside the nose. While it is more difficult for the surgeon to see the internal nasal structures, this technique may leave behind no external scars. It all depends on what type of nose the patient has, as well as the goals she has in mind. Excellent results can be achieved by experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Ali.

Talk to a Professional

“Whatever it is you’re seeking in your cosmetic work, be sure to talk openly and precisely with your doctor,” says Dr. Ali. “Together, we can decide what the best surgical options are for you so that you can achieve the nose you’ve always dreamed of.”

To get started on your ideal nose, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ali today! You can also call 855-335-7200 to speak with the office directly.
About Us: Dr. M. Azhar Ali is a board-certified, Detroit area plastic surgeon with over 6,000 plastic surgery procedures to his name. He and his team are experienced and knowledgeable aesthetic care professionals, skilled in providing treatments like rhinoplasty. The skilled team at Amae MedSpa and Dr. Ali’s Plastic Surgery Center offer competent and compassionate care to all patients.

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