Embarrassing Questions About Breast Enhancement Surgery

Top Surgeon Answers Your Questions About Breast Enhancement Surgery – Breast enhancement surgery is a very personal procedure. The results can be life changing, giving you the body and the self-confidence you’ve always wanted! But, because of the private nature of this procedure, some women may be uncomfortable asking questions. Please know that Dr. Ali… Read More »

Activity After Breast Enlargement Surgery

Work, Sex & Exercise After Breast Enlargement Surgery – Modern breast enlargement surgery techniques have reduced the recovery time in recent years. However, breast enhancement is still a surgical procedure that requires a healing period with some restriction on activities. Top Oakland County Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped thousands of women achieve the look… Read More »

Healing After Your Breast Enlargement Surgery

Understanding the Breast Enlargement Healing Process – Breast enlargement surgery changes not only your body, but your self-confidence and the way you feel about yourself. So women are understandably excited and anxious to “try out” their new and improved breasts as soon as possible! Understanding what to expect during the breast enlargement healing process can… Read More »