Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows as an Accessory

We have seen a number of articles on the internet floating around touting the importance of well-groomed eyebrows. There are before and after pictures, how-to articles, and more. We have to agree – eyebrows really are the accessory of your face. While we agree, we also know that the majority of us were not gifted… Read More »

Can Natural Eyelashes Be Made Longer or Thicker?

Have you ever caught yourself admiring someone’s beautiful eyelashes, thinking “I wish mine would grow like that?” or “How on Earth are they so long, yet so natural?”  If you answered yes, you are not alone!  When clients come into our office, they are often surprised to learn that there is an option, beyond eyelash… Read More »

What’s the Ideal Age for a Facelift?

With age, nearly everyone’s face develops cheek folds and loose skin around the neck. Many men and women alike choose to have a facelift because it removes loose skin and tightens the tissue around the facial muscles, resulting in a younger and rejuvenated appearance. But when is the ideal age to have this procedure? While… Read More »

The Cosmetic Effects of Smoking

Did you know that the World Health Organization just recently predicted that within the next 20 years the number of people diagnosed with cancer will increase to 22 million? To give you some perspective, the number of new cancer cases as of right now (2014) is 14 million. The number one killer around the globe?… Read More »

Can Areola Size Be Reduced?

Are you embarrassed or unhappy with the size of your areolas? You’re not alone. In fact, many women feel insecure with the aesthetics of their breasts. Often times, areola or nipple size can appear disproportionately large on one’s breast as a result of genetics, pregnancy, or increasing age. For those experiencing proportion issues, asymmetry between… Read More »

Can “Bat Ears” Be Corrected With Surgery?

Rewind back to your elementary school days… do you recall anyone being called “bat ears” or being poked fun at because of their prominent ears? Prominent ears, or “ears that stick out” are one of the most common types of ear deformities. Although they don’t pose a threat to one’s health, they directly affect many… Read More »

Juvederm Voluma™ XC Facial Filler

Amae Plastic Surgery Center is currently evaluating Voluma™, a new facial filler from Allergan. Voluma is an injectable gel that adds volume in the check area. This filler provides a subtle lift, which give the face a more youthful profile. Results have been shown to last up to two years. Voluma is different from Juvederm®… Read More »

Top Five Considerations for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

You may have heard that it’s important to do your research and insure that your surgeon is qualified before undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. While that’s sound advice, it can sometimes be challenging to sift through the information you’re getting to insure that you’re doing your homework properly. Here are five areas where not asking… Read More »