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A breast lift is a procedure that restores the youthful shape of the breast. This is done by removing excess loose skin and repositioning the nipple to a higher level. If the breasts lack volume, it may be necessary to insert breast implants to enhance the volume. It is very satisfying to see the elevated level of confidence in these patients after surgery.

How Breasts Lose Their Shape

Time can have dramatic effects on the body and the breasts are no exception. With time, the breasts tend to loose their youthful look. The shape of a woman’s breast is affected by number of factors which include aging, pregnancy, breast-feeding, gravity and weight loss. Genetics also plays an important role in aging of the breasts.

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How a Breast Lift is Performed

Mastopexy is performed through incision around the areola and straight down to the fold. If a large amount of loose skin is present, the incision pattern might need to be adjusted. I prefer to use a short, vertical scar for this procedure that fades away in 6 to 8 months. Some breast tissue is removed during this procedure in order to give firmness and projection.

At the time of surgery, the size of the nipple and areola may also be reduced. Sutures are placed beneath the skin to create and support newly shaped breast tissue. As mentioned earlier, in many cases, implants are necessary to rejuvenate the breasts.


What to Expect After Surgery

After surgery you will have to wear a support bra for two to four weeks 24/7. This will help with swelling and support during healing. You will be limited in certain activities for a few weeks but, depending on your line of work, you may go back to work after the first week.

Our patients experience minimal pain and bruising after surgery. You might have some discomfort, bruising, swelling or tenderness. This will all subside within a week. Rarely will these symptoms last longer than two weeks.

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