Rhinoplasty Can Improve Your Life

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Have you been living with a nose that leaves you unhappy when looking in the mirror? Or do you find it hard to breathe at times? No matter what your reasoning, a rhinoplasty procedure can have a very real and very positive impact on your life.

“The most obvious impact of a nose job is that it can improve your appearance,” says Bloomfield Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ali. “An improved appearance can then lead to improved self-esteem, which can improve your quality of life. If you’ve been self-conscious of your appearance your entire life because of your nose, after surgery is finished, you may find a renewed sense of self and happiness. Because you feel better about yourself, you’ll feel more confident and feel a desire to improve other areas of your life.”

But a rhinoplasty can also help you live a better and healthier life. It may sound strange – a plastic surgery procedure leading to a healthier life, but it’s true. A nose job not only improves the look of the nose, it improves its function, too. So if you have breathing problems or even sleeping problems, a rhinoplasty may be the answer for you.

People often assume when someone says they have a deviated septum, it’s just a cover for a nose job. But deviated septums are a very real issue that can lead to difficulty breathing. In a patient with a deviated septum, the center piece of cartilage is deviated, or off center. It can occur due to an injury, but is most often genetic. Because the cartilage is off center, it can impede airflow between your nostrils and passageways.

Other patients may have narrowed airways that lead to decreased oxygenation. No matter what breathing problem you may have, a rhinoplasty is a great way to improve it, and thereby improve your life. Breathing issues due to narrowed or obstructed airways may lead to decreased sense of smell, frequent nosebleeds, sleeping problems, hypertension and even heart disease.

If you experience sleep issues, you may not have stopped to think how your nose might be playing a role in that. Loud snoring might be annoying to your partner, but it may also indicate a more serious issue for you. Loud snoring may indicate that you have an obstructed airway, which can be dangerous and shouldn’t be ignored. It may indicate a more serious condition, known as obstructive sleep apnea.

OSA is caused by poor airways, and is characterized by stoppages in breathing in the middle of the night that can jolt you awake. Not only does it mean a restless night’s sleep for you, it’s also dangerous. Some cases of sleep apnea are caused by throat muscles that relax too much, blocking the airway. But others are caused by a severely deviated septum, which means a rhinoplasty can improve both your breathing and your sleep.

Do you often suffer from sinus headaches? If so, a rhinoplasty might offer some relief. If your sinuses don’t drain properly, your body will feel it. You may think you’re fighting a cold or blame it on allergies, but in reality, your nasal passageways might not be able to properly drain the mucous, leading to pressure from sinus infections and headaches.

But a skilled plastic surgeon can correct a deviated septum or correct your airways and nasal passageways to provide relief, and prevent the issue from continuing.

“Many people may think a nose job is only performed to make someone look better,” says Dr. Ali. “And truthfully, if that is your reason for surgery, that is more than enough, because when you feel better about the way you look, you’ll also feel better about life. But, for many people, a rhinoplasty can offer relief from serious issues that affect them. The ability to breath and sleep better, and say goodbye to sinus pressure are amazing benefits that can greatly improve your life.”

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