Nipple Reconstruction After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Nipple Reconstruction After Mastectomy & Breast Reconstruction–  After a mastectomy, most women choose to have nipple reconstruction surgery to completely finish reconstruction of their breast. No matter how skilled the plastic surgeon, surgically created nipples will never react like or have the same sensation as do natural nipples. However, the appearance of recreated nipples look… Read More »

What to Expect After Nipple Correction Surgery

What to Expect During Recovery from Nipple Correction Surgery–  Dr. Ali is a renowned Oakland County board certified plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of nipple correction surgeries. In this article, Dr. Ali discusses what to expect during the nipple correction surgery recovery period. How Long is Recovery from Nipple Correction Surgery? Most patients report… Read More »

Nipple Correction Surgery FAQs

Nipple Correction Surgery Frequently Asked Questions- Dr. Ali is a prominent board certified plastic surgeon in the Macomb County, Michigan area, with decades of experience and a thousands of satisfied patients. With over 20 years in practice and extensive training, Dr. Ali is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons, and has been rated… Read More »

Types of Nipple Correction Surgery

Types of Nipple Correction Surgery–  A number of factors may cause both men and women to be embarrassed about their nipples and the pigmented skin that surrounds them. Cosmetic issues of shape and size or more functional concerns may motivate a patient to contact a plastic surgeon for help. If this applies to you, Dr.… Read More »