What You Need to Know About Nose Job Surgery

What You Need to Know About Nose Job Surgery – A nose job – medically called rhinoplasty – is a common and safe surgery performed by a board certified plastic surgeon to alter the size or shape of the nose, or to improve its function. Board certified Macomb County plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has performed… Read More »

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos – Rhinoplasty – also called nose reshaping surgery or a “nose job” – is the third-most popular plastic surgery in the United States. Dr. ALi has helped hundreds of men and women improve their appearance and feel more attractrive and confident with nose job surgery. About Nose Jobs The nose… Read More »

Nose Job Frequently Asked Questions

Detroit Surgeon Dr. Ali Answers Your Nose Job FAQs … Why do People Get Nose Jobs? The most obvious reason for considering a nose job is that it can improve your appearance. Nasal restructuring can make your nose more in balance with your other features, as well as make it smaller, straighter, less wide, more… Read More »

Understanding Nose Job Terminology

Considering Rhinoplasty? Here are Some Nose Job Terms You Should Know – Dr. M. Azhar Ali is a double board-certified, Detroit area plastic surgeon who has performed more than 7,000 plastic surgery procedures. He and his team offer the highest standards in nose job technologies and rhinoplasty surgical techniques – coupled with comfortable & compassionate care… Read More »

Who Can Get a Nose Job?

Who is a Good Candidate for a Nose Job? Good tissue and favorable healing responses are necessary for any surgery to be successful – including a rhinoplasty (nose job). A smooth clear complexion, firm nasal cartilage, elastic skin, and good general overall health make a person an ideal candidate for a nose job. Who Can’t… Read More »

Rhinoplasty: Choosing Your Nose Job Shape

How to Choose the Ideal Nose Job Shape for Rhinoplasty Surgery – Electing to undergo rhinoplasty – also called a nose job – is a big decision. The results will affect your appearance for the rest of your life. In the hands of a talented, experienced and artistic plastic surgeon you will emerge from surgery… Read More »

African American Rhinoplasty & Nose Jobs

The Art of Rhinoplasty & Nose Jobs for African Americans – Just as people from different ethnic backgrounds typically have different hair texture, eye color or skin tone – people of different ethnicities also generally have different nasal shapes. Typically, though not always, men and women of African American descent have a shorter nose and/or… Read More »

Asian Rhinoplasty & Nose Jobs

The Art of Asian Rhinoplasty & Nose Jobs – People from different ethnic backgrounds may have different hair types, eye color or skin tone – and people of different ethnicities also generally have different nasal shapes. Typically, men and women of Asian descent have a smaller, shorter or flatter nose and/or a wider base of… Read More »

The Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

What to Expect When Recovering from Rhinoplasty – While rhinoplasty – aka a “nose job” – is a serious surgery, it is also very common and safe surgical procedure. When performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Ali, recovery problems are extremely rare and you are ensured beautiful, long-lasting results. However, following the advice of your… Read More »