Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery (Part Two)

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery (Part 2) – CLICK HERE for Part 1 of Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery. Are massages necessary after a Brazilian Butt Lift? Birmingham double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali may recommend lymphatic drainage massage for you following your Brazilian Butt Lift, as it can significantly help decrease bruising and swelling. Depending on the status… Read More »

Plastic Surgery – Erasing the Stigma

Bloomfield Hills, MI – There used to be a time when a visit to the office of a plastic surgeon was hidden and even lied about. For years, plastic surgery had a negative stigma associated with it. But that’s not the case any longer, as statistics show that the number of Americans seeking out cosmetic… Read More »

What’s the Ideal Age for a Facelift?

With age, nearly everyone’s face develops cheek folds and loose skin around the neck. Many men and women alike choose to have a facelift because it removes loose skin and tightens the tissue around the facial muscles, resulting in a younger and rejuvenated appearance. But when is the ideal age to have this procedure? While… Read More »