Detroit Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali Explains How He Makes Breast Implants Look Natural

Detroit, MI – Breast augmentation surgery can alter the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. By opting for breast implants, a woman can experience greater self-confidence while looking and feeling her best.

While the surgery is on the rise (studies show that breast implant surgery has increased more than 30% since the year 2000) many women still feel apprehensive about going under the knife.

Most specifically, they wonder if their new breasts will look and feel natural.
Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali has performed more than 2,500 breast augmentations at his Amae Plastic Surgery Center in Bloomfield Hills. Many of those patients had the same concerns over realism that he was quickly able to dispel.

“Many of my patients come to me with an example of someone they know or maybe a celebrity where the breast implants obviously look fake,” says Dr. Ali. “But as I explain to them, many of these cases involve breast implants that are too large for the woman’s frame, among other factors.”

The doctor has become an expert at creating realistic breast implants. What follows are the same recommendations he gives to his patients who desire a more natural-looking breast augmentation.

The Initial Consultation

Dr. Ali requires all of his patients to schedule a one-on-one consultation where he will listen to their expectations and surgery goals. The appointment also involves a thorough examination to assess the patient’s health and to gauge the proper implant size, type and method of implantation. According to him, all of these factors can affect the final outcome of surgery.

Breast Implant Size

Breast implants come in a variety of sizes, but the size of the implant can be misleading, says Dr. Ali. He adds that just because an implant looks small doesn’t mean that it will appear small once it’s implanted.

As he explains, “The breast implant will combine with the woman’s natural breast tissue to fill out the breast and, in some cases, make it larger.”

Dr. Ali advises patients to trust their doctor’s recommendations for the proper size, even if their first instinct is to ask for larger breast implants.

“Your doctor knows the size that’s appropriate for your shoulders, waist, and hips,” says Dr. Ali. “The size that’s most appropriate for a woman’s frame will provide the most realistic effects.”

The doctor warns that going too large with breast implants can increase the likelihood of complications, such as stretch marks, implants that appear too full or bottomed out, visible rippling and wrinkling, as well as a thinning of the natural breast tissue. In some cases, these complications can lead to a need for reoperation.

Method of Implantation

The way the implants are surgically implanted can affect how the new breasts look and feel, according to Dr. Ali.

For example, he suggests that going under the armpit and placing the implant under the muscle will give the most realistic appearance.

Dr. Ali says that the type of procedure he uses depends on the woman’s natural breast size and shape, as well as the amount of existing breast tissue.

The size of the implant also matters. For example, larger breast implants cannot be placed by way of the armpit; they must be inserted the through the fold of the breast or areola.

Implant Type

Dr. Ali says that while silicone and saline are both FDA approved, silicone gel implants tend to feel more natural when compared to saline. Silicone gel, it turns out, tends to mimic the natural consistency of breast tissue.

Realistic Expectations

“During a consultation, I will ask the patient what she expects from breast implants,” says Dr. Ali. “Does she want larger breasts or to fill them out following childbirth? How pert does she want them to be and what does she want her cleavage to look like?”

Dr. Ali advises all patients considering breast implants to keep their expectations realistic if they want more natural artificial breasts.

To help with expectations, Dr. Ali recommends that patients bring to their consultation a series of photographs that depict the outcome they expect. Dr. Ali offers his patients several before and after images that can help his patients visualize what the after effects will look like.

He warns that every woman’s body is different and that a certain size and type of implant may look different on one woman when compared to another. That’s where the doctor’s experience and expertise come into play.

“A top plastic surgeon can recommend the best breast implants type, size and method to ensure the patient’s satisfaction.”

As long as the patient chooses a qualified surgeon, he says, the effects should look natural once the body has healed from surgery.

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