The Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures Insurance Might Cover

Bloomfield Hills, MI– Despite the number of plastic surgeries on the rise, many people still avoid getting procedures done because they feel this can be cost-prohibitive. However, there are a dozen or so surgeries that insurance policies may cover if certain conditions are met.  If a patient can prove medical necessity, these surgeries may be at least partially covered by insurance:

 Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, can be done in cases where the nose’s structure makes it difficult to breathe. An example of this is a deviated septum, which can cause many health problems like pain, nosebleeds, and obstruction of nostrils.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, can be done on the upper and lower eyelids, and for both cosmetic and medical reasons. If the surgery falls into the latter category, insurance may cover it. Two common medical reasons for blepharoplasty are when extra skin puts too much weight on the eyelid, causing obstruction of vision, and when vision is impaired by muscles of the upper eyelid stretching too much over time. If insurance coverage is sought, patients will likely have to receive documentation from an eye doctor.

Otoplasty, or ear reshaping surgery, can similarly be covered if the anatomy of the ear impairs hearing. Various anatomical conditions pertaining to position and proportion of the ear can interfere with hearing.

Moles, also referred to as “beauty marks” can be removed for many reasons, but  if they are deemed suspicious by a doctor, insurance may cover the procedure.

Breast procedures, including augmentation, lifts, and reductions, may be covered by insurance for several reasons. First, the surgery would need to be deemed reconstructive (as opposed to solely cosmetic). An example of this would be following a mastectomy due to breast cancer. In fact, 1998 legislation mandated that insurance cover not only reconstruction of the removed breast, but also for work on the remaining breast for symmetry purposes.

Another reason insurance companies may cover breast surgery is for relief of severe discomfort. Breast reduction procedures, and possibly a breast lift, would be two such examples.  The weight of some women’s breasts may cause back, neck, and shoulder pain and could warrant medically necessary surgery. It’s helpful if the woman requesting such a procedure document the willingness to deal with scarring for the purpose of getting physical relief. This would show that the requested surgery is not frivolous, it’s necessary.

Other procedures that insurance can cover include, but aren’t limited to, tummy tucks, butt lifts, bunions, and varicose veins. Again, the bottom line is that these surgeries are deemed medically necessary and/or are used for pain relief. For the best information about insurance coverage, it’s always best for policyholders to contact their insurance companies directly.

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